January 7th 2019 General Meeting

The regular meeting of the Westbrook Village Photography Club was called to order about 7:00pm on January 7, 2019 at the FALC building by Tom LaFleur, President.

Present:  22 members were present.

  1. Tom opened the meeting and Introduced Larry Cowles from the Sun City West who did a presentation on Photographic Style.  He defined photographic style and the showed many famous photographers with a very distinct style.
  2. Tom opened the business part of the meeting announcing to anyone not at the last meeting that the current board members had agreed to continue to serve in their same positions.President – Tom LaFleur, Vice President – Bob Cielek, Secretary – Dottie Smith, Treasurer – Mike Baraney
  3. The Treasurer announced that our current bank balance is $2,125.53 and that the books had been audited.
  4. There was a report from ACCC rep Luann Fowler who spoke about ACCC events.  She shared that the rotating theme for the Spring Roundup is Humor with Tittles & the Fall theme is High Key.  Prints are due at the Feb meeting; projected are due Feb 8th.  Reservations for the Spring Roundup by March 2nd and the Roundup is on March 9th.  Tom then presented the ribbons and awards to the Jim Dusen from the fall roundup.
  5. Tom announced the upcoming field trips:
  6. Feb – South Rim Grand Canyon, Rusty reported that an itinerary will be forthcoming.
  7. March – Wild Flowers with date and location to be determined
  8. April – Turf Paradise with date to be determined
  9. Several members brought photos to share.
  10. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned about 8:45 pm by Tom. 

Minutes submitted by:     Dottie Smith

Approved by:                   Tom LaFleur