December 4 2019 General Meeting

  1. Tom opened the meeting with the first business being a report from ACCC rep Luann Fowler who spoke about upcoming ACCC events. Tom then presented the ribbons to the members present who won awards at the fall roundup.
  2. Tom then announced that the current board members had agreed to continue to serve in their same positions. With no other volunteers, a vote was taken to approve the board to continue serving for 2019.  The motion passed.
    • President – Tom LaFleur
    • Vice President – Bob Cielek
    • Secretary – Dottie Smith
    • Treasurer – Mike Baraney
  3. He announced the upcoming field trips:
    • Jan – Roosevelt Row Jan 19th
    • Feb – South Rim Grand Canyon
    • March – Wild Flowers with date and location to be determined
    • April – Turf Paradise with date to be determined
  • Dottie Smith did a presentation entitled ‘Introduction to Topaz Studio Suite”.
  • Several members brought photos to share.
  • Adjournment:
    • Meeting was adjourned about 8:45 pm by Tom. 

Minutes submitted by:     Dottie Smith

Approved by:                   Tom LaFleur