November 6th 2018 General Meeting

The regular meeting of the Westbrook Village Photography Club was called to order about 7:00pm on November 6, 2018 at the FALC building by Tom LaFleur, President.
Present: 22 members were present.
1. Tom opened the meeting and went directly to the presentation by Denise Armstrong on cell phone use for photography.

2. After the presentation Tom thanked Sue Cielek for her excellent planning and coordination for the Monument Valley trip in October.

3. Tom then made the following announcements:
a. ACCC Fall Roundup on Saturday, November 10th.
b. December meeting: Dottie Smith will present an introduction to TOPAZ
c. Holiday party Dec 14th at 5:30, cost $10. The club will provide all food and drinks.
d. Tom announced that the board recommendation for the Nov field trip is Pioneer Village on Nov 17th and it will be treated as a “get up and go” activity since there were no volunteers to lead it. He gave other ideas for photo ops for the month of November.
e. Schedule of photo shoots after the new year.
f. Schedule of presentations for the coming months

4. Tom again announced the overnight trip to the Grand Canyon on February 14-15th.

5. A large number of members brought photos to share.

Meeting was adjourned about 8:35 pm by Tom.
Minutes submitted by: Dottie Smith
Approved by: Tom LaFleur