October 2nd 2018 General Meeting


Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2018

The regular meeting of the Westbrook Village Photography Club was called to order about 7:00pm on October 2, 2018 at the FALC building by Tom LaFleur, President.

Present: about 15 members, and 3 guests

  1. Tom welcomed everyone and let the guests introduce themselves.
  2. ACCC Rep Luann Fowler reviewed the upcoming Fall Roundup including the guest speaker, location and rules for submissions to the competition. She also asked if there were any print submissions and there were none. She also announced the up coming round-up Rotating Subjects: Spring 2019 rotating subject “Humor with titles” and Fall 2019 rotating subject “High Key”.
  3. Tom announced the following events: 
    • October 24-26:Monument Valley.
    • November : Downtown Phoenix, architecture, street art and food market. (Date to be determined, also looking for a person knowledgeable about the area to lead us.)
    • December 7: Holiday Party at the FALC starting at 5:30.
    • January: Turf Paradise-“Afternoon at the races”. Date to be announced.
    • February 14-15: Grand Canyon, South Rim. (Details to be announced.)
  1. Sue Cielek reviewed the details of our Monument Valley trip. Please refer to our website for Event details.
  2. Rusty and Rita discussed the Grand Canyon trip and presented an option for a full day photography tour.They also discussed the options for the group staying at the same hotel but no decisions were made. More to come. 
  3. Tom also announced the following meeting presentations:
    • November: “Cell Phone photography” by Dianne Armstrong (current president of the West Valley Photo Club.
    • December: “Introduction to Topaz” by Dottie Smith.
    • January: “Photographic Style: by Larry Cowles-(a professional photographer).
    • February: “Landscape Photography” by Chirag Patel
    • March: Pizza Party and Photo competition.

Funk with the Sun City West Club showed his composition presentation.

  1. Today’s presentation a video:“6 Tips For Landscape Photography Composition” by Andy Mumford.
  2. After the video, Tom reviews the 6 tips discussed in the video:
    1. Leading Lines (make sure they are pointing to your focal point).
    2. Object Placement (use objects to lead the eye to the focal point…especially useful where there are no leading lines).
    3. Object Isolation (where you have an impelling focal point that does not need leading lines or other objects).
    4. Add a Focal point (add a figure, perhaps the photographer, as an anchor).
    5. Scan the edge of your frame (allow sufficient space around the focal point and any objects).
    6. Subtraction (element elements from the frame that distract from the focal point…minimize).
  3. About 6 or 7 members submitted photos for review.
  4. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned about 8:50 pm by Tom. 

Minutes submitted by:     Tom LaFleur