April 3rd 2018 General Meeting

The regular meeting of the Westbrook Village Photography Club was called to order about 7:00pm on April 3, 2018 at the FALC building by Tom LaFleur, President.

Present: 20 members, including 1 guest

  1. Tom welcomed everyone and let the guest introduce himself.
  2. Tom and ACCC Rep Luann Fowler handed out the members ribbons earned at the spring Roundup.
  3. He announced after our summer break we will resume meeting on Oct 2nd in the fall.  Luann announced that she will be here for our meeting to collect prints but asked for a volunteer to attend the ACCC board meeting and turn in the prints.  There were no volunteers but hopefully someone will step forward prior to the meeting.
  4. He announced the itinerary for the Jerome field trip on April 12th,announced  that the information is on our website and Dottie handed out the itinerary to anyone interested.
  5. Tom also announced a proposed itinerary for the Fall field trip to Monument Valley and suggested that everyone who intends to attend make reservations at the View as they fill quickly.
  6. Jerry Funk with the Sun City West Club showed his composition presentation.
  7. Tom showed the ribbon winning images from the Spring Roundup and then members showed their images.
  8. Adjournment:

Meeting was adjourned about 8:50 pm by Tom. 

Minutes submitted by:     Dottie Smith

Approved by:                   Tom LaFleur