November 7th 2017 General Meeting

The regular meeting of the Westbrook Village Photography Club was called to order about 7:00pm on November 7, 2017 at the FALC building by Dottie Smith, President.

Present: A large percent of the members were present.

  1. Dottie began the meeting announcing club member awards at the Fall ACCC Roundup and handed out ribbons.
  2. “Fall Colors along the Mogollon Rim” on November 1 & 2 we had our first outing of the season.The first day we had lunch in Payson followed by a tour of the Zane Grey Cabin and museum, we also explored Green Valley Park,and surrounding fall colors. After checking into Kohl’s Ranch we ended the day with dinner and fellowship at the Barany’s cottage. The next day included breakfast and photo ops at the Barany’s cottage in Christopher Creek.
  3. Our next field trip will be to the Heritage Park in Prescott. This will include a behind-the-scenes photo tour. This event is scheduled for Thursday, November 30th. Cost is $30 per person. This will be followed by lunch at “The Palace” on Whisky Row. Check out the club website to sign-up for this event.
  4. Collaboration Workshop will be Monday, November 13th at 2 pm. Jim Rust will discuss exposure settings and the relationship between speed, aperture and ISO settings. This will be held in the room next to the Vistas Ballroom.
  5. Holiday Party is scheduled for Friday Dec 8th we will be meeting in the FALC at 5:30pm. Please reserve this date.
  6. The Adobe Users group will start in January at the Computer Lab. Bob Cielek, Adobe User’s Group leader, discussed some of the changes that have been made to the lab including a High-tech workstation. He also discussed the coming Lightroom Workshop to be presented by Bob Cielek, and Photoshop Workshop to be presented by Dave Dise. This will be a 6 week course (one day a week) starting in late January.
  7. At our December meeting we will have Bruce Taubert as our speaker. He is an Arizona Highways Photographer. He will discuss “Photographing Arizona Wildlife”.
  8. In February we will be attending the Kathleen Reeder Workshop at the Wildlife World Zoo. This is a one day event on Saturday, February 3rd from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.If you are interested you must go to Kathleen’s website to sign-up ( Use the discount code “WVC20” for our club $20 dollar discount.
  9. Presentation: “Composition 101 – Beyond the Rule of Thirds” by Dottie Smith. Dottie’s presentation was based on a class from ‘Digital Photography School’. Some of the ideas presented includes:
    • Make the image tell a story;
    • Use visual language including: color, leading lines, shape or form, light, space and texture.
    • Use atmospheric perspective.
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Find a fresh angle by varying height, close-up, shoot from behind the subject, add perspective, include reflections and shadows, tilt the camera, use birds eye view, use imagination, fill-frame with subject, create negative space for impact, cut out extraneous items from background, larger aperture to blur background, and frame to add interest.
  10. Photo Sharing: approximately 12 members shared their photos with the group.
  11. Adjournment:
    Meeting was adjourned about 8:50 pm by Dottie.The next meeting will be on December 5th at the FALC at 7:00pm. We will start gathering at 6:30 pm.

Minutes submitted by: Tom LaFleur
Approved by: Dottie Smith.